Our Services

We Are A Group Of Skilled Developers And Programmers.

Digital Technology Consulting

You are in the right place if you want help with creating a website, legacy software, or building a modern app.

Application Development

You need custom software built to realize your vision

Consulting, design, architecture, programming, quality assurance, monitoring and maintenance are all areas you can count on us for.


Website Design

Designing and developing for your companies web presence


Legacy Software

If your existing software needs some work we can handle it


Web Development

Creating and maintaining websites using various languages and frameworks

Website Design

Your company deserves a great web presence

Website designs to present to the world

Website Design Packages

We want to know about what you do and design a site that can effectively communicate that with the world.

Starter Website Package

Ideal for small businesses or personal projects.

Enhanced Website Package

For established businesses seeking a robust online presence.

Starter Website Package

  • Custom design tailored to the brand
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Integration with social media
  • WordPress CMS setup for easy updates
  • 1-month post-launch support

Enhanced Website Package

  • Custom design with more detailed UI/UX
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness
  • Integration with social media and basic third-party services
  • WordPress CMS setup for easy updates
  • 3-month post-launch support
Legacy Software

Does your current Software need some work?

Legacy Software audits, maintenance and development

Legacy Software

We will figure out what it will take to get done what you need.

Programming Services

Our programmers can code the updates you need.

Design and Testing

We will design the software you need and the QA testing it needs to know it was done right.

Legacy Software
Audit Package

  • Comprehensive code review and audit
  • Performance and security assessment
  • Documentation of current system architecture
  • Identification of technical debt and bottlenecks
  • Detailed report with recommendations for improvements

Legacy Software Maintenance Package

  • Regular system monitoring and maintenance
  • Performance optimization and tuning
  • Security updates and patches
  • Bug fixing and minor enhancements
  • Monthly maintenance reports
  • Basic support (e.g., 10 hours/month)

Legacy Software Modernization Package

  • Comprehensive system audit and documentation
  • Code refactoring and optimization
  • Updating and modernizing system architecture
  • Integration with modern platforms and APIs
  • Development of new features
  • Migration to modern technologies (if needed)
  • Ongoing support and maintenance post-modernization
Web Application Development

API-Driven Web Application Packages

For businesses needing complex, interactive web applications.

Website Application Packages

We want to know about what you do and design a site that can effectively communicate that with the world.

API-Driven Web Application Package

For businesses needing complex, interactive web applications

Enterprise Web Solution Package

Tailored for large-scale projects requiring high performance and scalability

API-Driven Web Application Package


  • Backend development (PHP, Python, Java, Scala)
  • Database design and implementation (SQL, Neo4j)
  • API integration and development
  • User authentication and security features
  • Scalable architecture design to handle high traffic

Enterprise Web Solution Package


  • Comprehensive project planning and management
  • Custom front-end and back-end development
  • Database optimization for large datasets
  • Load balancing and web caching optimization
  • High-security standards implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
Mobile Application Development

Engage with your audience with an app

Mobile applications packages to suit your needs

Mobile Application Development

Take your idea to the next level

Basic Mobile App

Ideal for startups or small businesses looking to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Standard Mobile App Package

For businesses needing a more robust application with additional features and integrations.

Basic Mobile
App Package

  • Custom UI/UX design
  • Development of core features (up to 5 screens)
  • Basic user authentication
  • Integration with one third-party service (e.g., payment gateway)
  • App store submission (iOS and Android)
  • 1-month post-launch support

Standard Mobile
App Package

  • Custom UI/UX design
  • Development of advanced features (up to 10 screens)
  • User authentication and user management
  • Integration with multiple third-party services (e.g., CRM, social media)
  • Push notifications
  • Performance optimization
  • App store submission and initial marketing support
  • 3-month post-launch support

Premium Mobile
App Package

  • Comprehensive custom UI/UX design
  • Development of complex features (more than 10 screens)
  • Advanced user authentication and security
  • Integration with multiple third-party services and APIs
  • Real-time data syncing and push notifications
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • Analytics and user tracking integration
  • App store submission and ongoing marketing support
  • 6-month post-launch support and regular updates