Perfect fit closets

Perfect Fit Closets is a distributor of custom closet products, hardware and design software (with 2020 Spaces 3D virtual reality) to authorized dealers across North America.
They take pride in having cultivated industry leaders as their vendor partners and in offering and in being able to offer cost-effective end-to-end solutions to their clients.

The problem

Perfect Fit Closets need to have an order and inventory management system to convert the proprietary kit files created by their design software into deliverable solutions. The platform needed to be able to process all the information in the various kit files into an order for core components and consumables from various vendors and manage all invoicing, creating a good-to-go solution for closet installer.

The solution

The initial step was a series of meetings to understand Perfect Fit’s business process and flow, and how their existing technologies fit into that. From that, a specification for a minimum viable product (MVP) was developed and refined, and a budget and development timeline was created. From that specification, a platform was developed for both employees of Perfect Fit Closets and their authorized resellers to handle the workflow from design specification to order and invoice creation.

After the initial MVP, Fruitbat and Perfect Fit continued to grow the system together through a series of feature iterations, using a process of planning to building to testing to assessing. Not all things about a software project are apparent at the start of the process and it takes time to build a fully-featured platform that meets business requirements. To this end, Fruitbat uses an agile process that focuses on small units of work that are constantly tested and re-evaluated throughout the development project.

The technologies

Perfect Fit is built on the Laravel framework to keep development speed high and costs low. It is hosted on a AWS ec2s, which is an affordable and reliable solution, with continuous backups and uptime monitoring. Fruitbat continues to work with Perfect Fit to expand and refine their platform as their business requirements evolve.